My Hair Care Routine.

Hello Everyone,

Let’s talk about my hair care routine. Too much information is one of the challenges of living in the 21st century. After reading plenty blogs and watching a lot of videos on YouTube..I just decided to keep my routine very simple.

If a product is working for me….I will just keep using it. Nothing crazy or excessive.


These are just my very basic products


From the left

1. An old T-shirt that I use to dry my hair.

2. Dudu Osun Soap that I use for washing my hair.

3.Organics by Africa’s Best deep conditioner.

4.Natural honey.

5.Olive Oil.

6. Raw shea butter.

For my DC, I just mix the Organics by Africa’s Best Deep Conditioner with honey and olive oil.

I do not use a leave-in conditioner on wash days. I simply do the LOC method where water is my liquid, olive oil is my oil and shea butter is my cream. My hair is usually dripping wet when I am doing the LOC method. I simply let it air dry naturally.

Will keep doing this method for the next 4 months…if its not working, I will begin to troubleshoot.

I have not started doing co-washes and all. I will start doing that once I braid my TWA.


Let me hear your views.




My BC Experience!!!

Hello Everyone,

Its official….I am currently rocking my TWA. I should have posted this sooner, but different stuff just kept happening. Procrastination being number 1 😀

Well I had my BC on the 22nd of March 2014. I thought I could transition..I just got impatient after 56 days 🙂 and cut off all my remaining relaxed ends. Well blame the new pair of scissors I bought to take down my sister’s braids.


My BC Attempt.

I quickly took a trip to the barber’s to get it all nicely done.


Sporting the TWA

I must say that I really felt very excited and liberated. The way I felt was simply indescribable.



Cheviee is really beautiful.

Yaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!! I am fully natural. Cant wait to see my hair 12 months post relaxer and 12 months post BC.

I would love to hear your BC or Transitioning Stories.


Meet Cheviee

Hello Everyone,

My name is Adaeze. I live in Port Harcourt and I am presently growing a makeup business. Its my desire to dominate the cosmetics industry for the next 100 years. Got my sights on the L’OREAL CONGLOMERATE…..very huge 🙂

Meet Cheviee……Thats just the name I have decided to name the hair on my head since I am going natural. Do I have any story as it concerns going natural? Was it some kind of revelation or being true to myself since using relaxers and wearing weaves is living a lie ? *tongue in cheek*. NOT AT ALL.

I just wanted do something very different and unconventional. Unconventional is my phrase for 2014.

I must say that I was very clueless about anything natural hair. Well, thank God for the internet. I got loads and loads of information until I was confused and started feeling frustrated. On top of that, I was constantly comparing my hair type to the different images of women I had seen on the internet…..Imagine!!!! I have not even started crawling on the natural hair journey, I want to start flying.

I went to the salon and told the stylist what I wanted.  Had my BIG CHOP. In retrospect,I will not call what I did a thorough BC because presently I am now transitioning my hair….. 😦

What I have learnt with this experience :

Decide on what you want to do.

Decide to do it.

Get all the facts you need and DO IT.

I must say that there are no hard and fast rules as it concerns goals, dreams and ambitions. Since my goal is to have MBL (Mid Back Length) hair by 26th January 2019, it does not matter how I start my natural hair journey….BC or Transitioning. I will get there 😀

For all the NAPPY headed ladies out there….Three Cheers to heralding a different dimension to the concept of beauty.

Creamy Crack Me 🙂

My first attempt at natural hair care. I have decided to transition my hair.